Reddit i cheated on my boyfriend

Coming to felt like swimming up from the depths of a murky pond. When I reached the surface, I found a reality scarier than the darkness. I was on my stomach on an air mattress on a dorm room floor. A man crushed me from above, thrusting into me roughly from behind. My leaden brain, slowly grinding back to full consciousness, struggled to push away unwanted questions: How did I get here? Did I say yes to this?

I did my best to piece the fractured night together like shards of glass. The last thing I remembered was arriving at a beach-themed frat party with my roommate, who had primed me with several shots during our pre-game and convinced me to forgo a shirt for a bikini top.

Evidently, other friends noticed that I was dangerously drunk, and one deposited me in the common room of her dorm suite to sleep it off, along with her brother, who was visiting that weekend. Don't you feel cooler? I retained so few memories that it was surprisingly easy to let the whole incident recede from my mind. In an attempt to shake off the surreal, creeping dread, I told myself things like, Those shots were a bad idea, but I needed to blow off steam.

I told close girlfriends the bare minimum, letting them assume the encounter was consensual. I started dating someone new. I graduated. I got a job.

I cheated, I regret it. What can I do to get him back in the future?

My denial was so strong, so effective, that I could sit a few feet away from him like it was no big deal, laughing, chatting, eating lasagna. After dinner, it became clear that the brother would be joining us at the bar and, strangely, I started to escalate my small talk to flirtation.

Without a clear thought or strategy, I drank enough to soften my focus and banish my inhibitions, but not so much that I lost control. I knew where I was and how to get to safety. I could pinpoint my friends on the dance floor—the better to dodge them as I moved closer and closer to my assailant. Eventually I suggested we go back to his apartment.

We rolled around and made out in the bottom half of a bunk bed. It was all very PG; the way I might have behaved with a high school crush. I woke to find three friends rousing on his grungy couch and shooting me confused looks—they were friendly with my pretty serious boyfriend. But I was neither. An obscure yet palpable sense of relief drove away any hint of guilt before it could take hold.

Counterintuitive as it may seem, my impulse to initiate a second encounter with my attacker more than a year after the original incident makes sense to experts on sexual assault. Because who wants to think of themselves as a rape victim?

I Cheated on My Boyfriend: 10 Reasons Why Women Cheat

For so long, I evaded the truth so that I could avoid becoming a statistic: 70 percent of rapes are committed by someone known to the victim. Up to 25 percent of women will experience rape during college.My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years and have a great relationship.

We are best friends and lovers and get along with each others families and friends so well. We just came back from a 4 month student exchange overseas together and our relationship has grown stronger since then. However, a year ago, I got drunk at a club, blacked out and cheated on him by having sex with a friend at the back of his car in the club parking lot.

I know alcohol is not an excuse, but I would never cheat on my boyfriend if I was in the right state of mind.

reddit i cheated on my boyfriend

My boyfriend and I intended to go to the club together with my group of friends initially as my favourite International DJ was spinning. However, last minute he didn't feel well and decided to stay at home and rest instead. He told me to go ahead with my friends because he knew how much I wanted to see the DJ live I'm a pretty big fan.

Anyway, immediately after it happened, apparently I drunk called my boyfriend telling him I was in the back of my friends car. He immediately called my girl friends and told them to look for me. Afterwards they sent me to his house. I don't remember getting to his house, but he says when I arrived I was very drunk and horny. I feel like such a slut. The next day I woke up to a text from the guy I slept with asking me if I remembered what happened.

I replied that I vaguely remembered anything and then he explained everything to me. I felt like such a terrible person but did not tell my boyfriend because I was afraid to. I confided in my best friend and she told me not to tell because it was just a mistake and she knew it would ruin our relationship for nothing. I texted the guy I slept with and told him that I wanted him to take a HIV test to make sure that he was clean.

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A few months later, some friends approached my boyfriend and told him there were rumours that I had cheated on him that night. He immediately called me and I denied them, saying that they were just rumours.

I know I know I'm a very bad person. Since that night, I have never gone drinking without my boyfriend, have only gone clubbing once and he was with me and have never been unfaithful in any way.

I have spent every moment since then trying to be a good girlfriend to him, and working towards a long lasting relationship and hopefully marriage with him. It's been a year since that happened, and I recently met up with a friend. We began to talk about relationships and she said that she knew that I had cheated on my boyfriend because her ex boyfriend is close to the person I had sex with. Apparently the person I had slept with had screenshot our conversation and sent it to my friends ex boyfriend as proof that we slept together.

He showed her the screenshot so she knew that I had lied to my boyfriend.

reddit i cheated on my boyfriend

However she told me not to worry because it was so long ago and everyone had forgotten about it already. She also said that the screenshot was unlikely to resurface again. Ever since then I have gotten paranoid that my boyfriend will find out the truth. I lost all appetite and have insomnia.

I decided to just tell my boyfriend because I felt like such a bad person and would rather he know the truth from me than from someone else. However, he got so mad when I began to tell him, and said that whether we remained together or not would depend on what I actually did with the guy that night.

So, I freaked out and lied and said that it was just a make out and that nothing else had happened. He said he was hurt and disappointed but would be willing to give our relationship another shot. I feel like such a horrible person and I don't know why I can't just tell him the truth. I am going to speak to a counsellor on Monday about what I should do because I feel so guilty. I feel like ever since that night a year ago I have changed and have never been unfaithful to him.Whether you have a high sense of fidelity or you are a chronic cheater, when it actually comes to cheating there are many reasons women are unfaithful.

Very rarely does cheating have anything to do with just being horny. Let me explain some of the most common reasons why women cheat. The most common reason women cheat on their men is because they are looking for emotional satisfaction. If you are in a relationship that lacks love, intimacy, and tenderness, then the chances of infidelity are actually higher than average. Another common reason why women cheat is because they have low self-confidence. I know, it seems like it would be the other way around, right, that a woman with high self-esteem would easily attract other men and have her fun with them?

Of course, sometimes women cheat simply for the thrill and the chase. Temptation and the thought of just being naughty can actually be a strong motivation for infidelity. Sometimes, life gets a little dull and women look for something new and exciting to feel alive again. There are many different levels of emotional satisfaction or dissatisfaction, and cheating is quite often a short term solution to being unsatisfied.

Another one of the most common reasons why women cheat is that they are unsure of their feelings. Another reason you might cheat on a man is out of sheer desperation. Maybe cheating is your way of getting out of a relationship because you are afraid of commitment?

My family has ruined my life

Being afraid to give your heart and body completely to someone can cause acts of infidelity, too. Did your man cheat on you previously? Have you never really been able to fully forgive him? If so, then you might have cheated on him for revenge. You might be aware of that, or you might not. Revenge, however, is a strong motivator.

It could be possible that your guy is just a very definite jerk and you want a dirty little secret to call your own and think of shamelessly when he comes home acting like an ass towards you. Hey, it happens.

There are really only two options: you can end the relationship and move on, or, you can learn to live with your indiscretion and stay in the relationship. One of the biggest reasons cheating ends a relationship is because of the guilt. Of course, if you opt to actually tell him that you cheated, you run the risk of losing him forever. After all, sex is a sacred part of your relationship, and by sleeping with someone else you have broken that sacred bond between the two of you.

Your man is now feeling betrayed and unsure of your future together. The first thing to do is figure out why you cheated.The truth is, I cheated on my boyfriend — twice actually. Now, three years, a lot of heartache and several new relationships down the line, I can finally make sense of my thoughts and actions. I was too scared of being committed to one person entirely at 17 — and, as much as I loved him, the fear of missing out on other things happening around me took over.

What I did really hurt my ex, but despite my behaviour he decided that he really wanted us to try and push past it. Could you forgive your partner for cheating on you and take them back?

Husband Who Got Cheated On By Ex-Wife Answers Reddit Questions (r/IAmA)

He was hurt because I had broken the trust between us, and a relationship cannot survive without trust. I really believed we could still be good friends at least, but we were just making it harder for each other to move on. It took me almost 2 years to realise that any kind of relationship was impossible and that we were just hurting each other more by keeping in contact. I regret what I did because it hurt the person I loved most, but I spent so long beating myself up about it that I learnt a lot about relationships, and myself.

However, if I could still learn everything that I have without having cheated, I would definitely go back and change what I did to save my ex from feeling horrible for so long. Even three years on I still think about how much I regret hurting him, and being the reason he felt so sad for so long. Each relationship is unique but my message to people who are cheating, or considering it, is this: think about how much you care about your relationship, and how much you want to keep it.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. I think…That what you did was extremely wrong but having said that you realised your mistakes and worked on it which is good.

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Have you heard the thought Yesterday is a past, Tomorrow is a mystery but today is what you have in your hand and you can redesign your present by the choices you make to become an infinitely better person than yesterday. Sometimes it can make you a better person realising what you have done wrong. But this happened to me last September when I found out she was cheating on me for 2 years.

I forgave her but 6 months later she still left me because she felt guilty. I completely relate to this. I cheated on my boyfriend and he could never forgive me, nor could I forgive myself. But more than a year later I have been cheated on by two other guys and realised how much it hurts. Most learn from their mistakes and try to move on and be better people. I think… that people in relationships who cheat albeit intentionally or accidentally are endangering themselves as well as the person that they are in a relationship with.

For me personally, cheating is not always kissing or having sex with someone else it is also feeling the need to hide certain conversations or emotions from your significant other because you are afraid as to what they will feel.

Cheating can be emotional as well as physical. I quite understand you. I was 16 and drunk. Then I stopped directly! I was so devastated and cried the rest of the night. To be honest, I never had the guts to tell him the truth.

reddit i cheated on my boyfriend

We broke up after my misbehaviour. I just know that if I could turn back time I would change it. Speak with your partner and try to find a solution because in a relationship you should be honest with each other. I think…you seem to have learned a lot from this which is what lifes about however i wouldnt expect people to forgive you for doing something like that because i wouldnt forgive someone that did that to me, however you were young, its over and done with and youve learned your lesson.

I think.When somebody cheats on you it's heartbreaking. It's the ultimate betrayal of trust in a relationship. So, when you hear about somebody else getting cheated on, you can't help but demonize the cheater. Rightly so, in some cases.

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But the truth is that cheating isn't always just one instance of wrongdoing. The circumstances are often really complicated. These stories from the cheater's perspective show just that. They also show the sheer volume of reasons why people cheat in the first place. There are tales of both parties cheating.

There are tales of guilt and shame, too, which gives us an insight into the consequences of the cheater's actions. But it's interesting to see that so many cheaters feel that way. You often imagine cheaters as people who don't care about other people's feelings. There are also tales of reconciliation, which may be a surprising thing to comprehend for some. And these stories are a small sample of the confessions from the 'Cheaters of Reddit'.

The more you read, the more you realize that every single person committed the same terrible act by cheating, but every single person has a different story about how they came to that point and what happened afterward. When I was deployed to Iraq, my wife cheated on me at least 3 times.

reddit i cheated on my boyfriend

She was the one to tell me about it. It hurt like hell and we worked through it, for the most part. When I was stationed overseas by myself a few years later, I started an affair with a female service member. It lasted 6 months. At the time, I justified it as "getting even". But now, I feel terrible about it. It's done and over with, and I'll never tell her what happened.

I drunk cheated on my boyfriend a year ago

Then she made a comment about how it was unclean or something, and it wouldn't be right to use it when I got home. I picked and probed about what that comment meant and she came out with it. My husband and I were going through a rough patch, and were increasingly going out with friends in order to avoid facing our problems, or fighting.

We got to where we were spending a minimal time together. He went out with his friends on a trip for the weekend, and when he returned I asked him if he was happier when he was away, as he did not text or call me the whole time he was gone.

During this period, there was a friend that I had that gave me increasing attention. I told him I was married, that nothing would happen between us unless my husband and I decided on separation.

However, I did express that there were feelings there. And we began to act as though we were in the beginning stages of a relationship, often flirting, occasionally holding hands, going to him for my problems instead of my husband. My marriage came to a head, and my husband and I had a talk about whether or not we were going to stay together.

He cried, and I realized how nice it was to feel as though he cared about me, as I had felt neglected for some time.

We decided we were going to spend three days together. Without fighting, and while trying to make each other as happy as possible, and if at the end of these three days, we still wanted to end it, we would. At the end of the three days, after some intimacy was reestablished in the relationship and we were going to try and make it work, I told my friend that I could not talk to or see him again.

I felt incredible guilt for the betrayal I had put into my marriage, and couldn't live with myself. I cried myself to sleep for months every night, knowing that if I told my husband what I had done, he would leave me, and I did not want to give up on my marriage.I had a high school crush who turned into a high school boyfriend and stayed with me into my college years. Then came the unbearable guilt.

All of sudden, the guilt rushed over me and everything went white. I cheated on my boyfriend — the only person I had ever slept with, the person who loved me. How could I do that? I was over-the-top nice to him. That night, I called my aunt and confessed everything.

I was a complete wreck.

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She told me that it was OK and a one-time mistake and that I just needed to better myself and appreciate him and love him better, so I began doing all of these over-the-top gestures for him to try to secretly reconcile for my infidelity.

I tried to avoid confronting what I did. I moved back to college and threw myself into school work He was busy with school, and I MADE myself busy to try to not remind myself of what I did. I avoided my boyfriend constantly. He would call and I would put it to voicemail; he would want to come up for the weekend and I made up excuses.

I felt as if the truth would be all over my face. The Catholic guilt was wearing on me more than I could take. I almost got caught, so I lied more. When he finally did come up for a weekend, I got a text from the guy I cheated with saying his college was playing mine this upcoming weekend and he was hoping I would go to the game. My boyfriend saw it, fipped out, and started asking a million questions. I lied, saying it was a group message to all of us who worked together.

I told my parents what I did. I know. It may seem insane, but I needed to tell them. They gave me the advice to try to move past it, and comforted me by saying that I was in college and mistakes happen.Post originally published on Reddit. Greg and I have a strained relationship. He is insecure and enabling. Basically a doormat, but he means well and does whatever he can to help me. He has mentioned multiple times that I am out of his league and has tried to push me away several times.

But I need him. I have my own issues with instability and have very bipolar-like feelings towards him. We tell each other that we love each other. I help him and support him with money and in his work and school. I shower him with attention and affection and I perform hardcore sexual acts on him often without him asking, all while feeling emotionally detached usually. Sometimes we really do bond and share thoughts and feelings and open up to each other.

Often with my ex. I also text other guys on a regular basis. This has been going on since maybe a month after we got together. Greg and I bicker often. Usually over something stupid and I escalate it just because.

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Maybe because I feel empty or something. I find myself uncontrollably guilt-tripping him, and he almost always falls for it. Maybe because its fascinating to see someone hurt in ways that I have.

But I always make up for it…. With each guy it feels like a new isolated situation and I feel like a completely different person. But I never stopped him.

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